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How it works

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme is a peer-led online safety programme open to all UK schools and youth settings.

Schools or groups joining the programme will have access to an interactive online platform for either primary or secondary schools. These platforms train and empower young people to be online safety peer mentors in their school or youth setting. This programme has been created by online safety experts and teachers in consultation with young people themselves.

85% of teachers who have taken part in the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme said that it has helped their school fulfil their safeguarding duties.

Subscribing to the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme during COVID-19 school closures

If you are thinking of subscribing to the Secondary Digital Leaders Programme, it’s worth mentioning that secondary pupils can access the training platform remotely and independently of their teacher. The programme provides a useful learning tool for use at home during this time and Digital Leaders are encouraged to use the additional features on the platform to connect with other Digital Leaders, especially as people find themselves isolated and spending more time online. Educating family members is also a great way to demonstrate the peer-to-peer training aspect of the programme.

We will delay the start date of both primary and secondary programme subscriptions to reflect the period that schools are closed. We are still able to process your enrolment as usual during this time and you will receive the relevant programme documents to prepare for when your pupils return.

Please do contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions around subscribing to the programme during school closures.

How the programme works

1. Register your interest

Fill out the registration form and claim your free exclusive guest login so you can try out a guest version of the platform yourself.

2. Sign up

Enrol your school and recruit a team of Digital Leaders, with support from Childnet’s team to help you get started.

3. Complete online training

Digital Leaders will complete seven core modules on essential online safety issues and topics. They then continue their training with bonus modules on the latest online safety trends with new modules added to the platform every term.

4. Get recognition

Qualified Digital Leaders will be awarded their official badges, certificates and be celebrated in the Digital Leader community.

5. Transform online safety in your school

Digital Leader teams will work together to take the lead in delivering impactful online safety activities within their school or local community. Childnet will provide ongoing support and up-to-date advice for pupils and staff, as well as showcase Digital Leaders work in the wider community.

6. Be part of something bigger

Pupils will join an inspiring international community of Childnet Digital Leaders. They will have opportunities to share their views with other Digital Leaders, the internet industry and policy makers to help create a better internet.

Try out the platform for yourself with a free guest login

If you register your interest you'll be eligible for an exclusive guest preview of the platform before signing up.

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“The programme has given me the confidence that I can make a difference.”

Amy, Secondary Digital Leader