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impact report

Digital Leaders and their teachers gave us their feedback on the programme in our annual Impact Report

Teachers' advocacy

of teachers said the programme has impacted on a whole-school level

of teachers said the programme has helped their school fulfill their safeguarding duties

of teachers would recommend the programme to another school

“I learnt more about online safety as I researched deeper. It was very interesting and I came across many amazing things about the importance of your safety.”

Secondary Digital Leader, 2022

Peer-led and empowering


of teachers said peer education is more effective when teaching about online safety


of teachers said the programme prepares young people to be peer educators


of Digital Leaders said young people should lead the way in making a better online community


of Digital Leader said the training helped them to keep themselves safe

“The children are a lot more ready and able to give advice and actually engage with the sessions based on their learning. The scheme is so engaging that the children are always excited for their learning and the positive impact is like no other! Their confidence has grown, it has really opened up a lot of questions on how we can implement this further into the school.”

Digital Leader teacher, 2022

“It was absolutely phenomenal, the GIF badges and points made it highly engaging and the activities and teamwork made it easy to help other people and also work together with them.”

Secondary Digital Leader, 2022

Why the platform works


of Digital Leaders said the training made them feel more confident

“It made me feel more representable. It also made me feel more confident in speaking in larger crowds. I also liked working together as a team.”

Secondary Digital Leader, 2022

“The Community and Leaderboard is amazing and I hope it encourages a friendly competition.”

Primary Digital Leader, 2022

“I loved the engagement the modules had. (…) I also love the theme of how it wasn’t dull but very colourful, its not boring as the different activities and how they are represented are really fun and interesting.”

Secondary Digital Leader, 2022

Engaging adults

of Digital Leaders said they can help parents understand the issues young people face online

of Digital Leaders say that the programme helps them to support teachers to understand the issues that young people face online


of teachers said that pupils are more likely to speak up about any safeguarding disclosures, due to their participation in the programme

“The Digital Leaders have become far more confident and in turn have been able to share their online safety knowledge with others, encouraging them to be safe online.

We have managed to build stronger relationships and therefore have open conversations between staff and students about online safety.

Students have shown more confidence and competence in discussing these topics with other (particularly younger) children, as well as across other areas.”

Digital Leader teacher, 2022