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Impact Report 2024

Digital Leaders and their teachers gave us their feedback on the programme in our annual Impact Report

Teachers' advocacy

of teachers said that Digital Leaders are more confident since joining the programme

of teachers said that there has been a reduction of online safeguarding incidents as a result of the programme

of teachers said that the ethos of the school has improved to promote kindness and respect both online and offline

“The most important thing when I became a Digital Leader was that I helped the school be a better place.” 

Primary Digital Leader

Peer-led and empowering


of teachers said that the programme prepares young people to be peer educators


of teachers said that peer education is more effective when teaching about online safety


of Digital Leaders said that the training made them feel more confident about educating pupils in their school

I’ve learnt a lot of skills that can help me in my own life and that can also allow me to help others in my school and friendship groups.”

Secondary Digital Leader

“This programme has helped me a lot. I can learn about how to stay safe online, and with that knowledge, I can teach others as well. Furthermore, I have great knowledge on the online society. This programme helps me to teach others about personal information and who to talk to and not. I have learnt something new, so have others. Thank you to this programme!” 

Primary Digital Leader

Why the platform works


of Digital Leaders said the training made them more knowledgeable about online safety


of teachers said that the online platform makes the programme engaging


of Digital Leaders said the training helped to keep them safe

“I feel like the school now does rely on us a lot because I think we are very capable of helping people about the online world.”

Primary Digital Leader

“The Digital Leaders Programme has made me question how I use my phone and the way things spread on the internet. I am more aware about how things online affect people and I am more careful with my words online so I am not misunderstood.”

Secondary Digital Leader

Teachers' perspectives


of teachers have noticed safer online behaviours from young people as a result of the programme


of teachers said that the learning content covers relevant online safety issues that young people are experiencing


of teachers said that the programme had impacted on a whole-school level

“It’s important to have Digital Leaders in school because children find it easier to talk to their peers than directly to a teacher (…) who may also not understand some of their concerns in the same way that a Digital Leader might

Secondary Digital Leader

Student safety

of teachers said that the Digital Leaders Programme has improved wellbeing

of teachers said that parents are more engaged with online safety

of teachers said that the programme helps school staff fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities

“I think it’s important as sometimes being online can feel quite lonely and having people who you should be able to trust and talk to can make it feel like you aren’t alone.”

Secondary Digital Leader

“What I remember most about the programme is all the fun I had and all the new things I learned. This really is a once in a lifetime experience.”

Primary Digital Leader