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In Action

Digital Leaders are having a huge impact in their schools.

Young people are doing amazing things as Digital Leaders, and are making real change within their communities. Students who train as Digital Leaders become peer mentors in their schools, and are helping teachers tackle online safety issues outside of the classroom. Take a look to see what they have been up to.

Digital Leaders Leaderboard

Our international Leaderboard details schools that have achieved the most points by completing platform activities. Here are our top champion schools leading the way for the Digital Leaders community.

1st Place badge

Bromley High School Senior

1570 points

1st Place badge

St Peter's School

1442 points

1st Place badge

South Hampstead High School

1196 points

“It has been a great chance for them to grow their knowledge in the area of e-safety and develop their skills in presentation, communication, team working and meeting deadlines. They have been very enthusiastic about the programme are keen to continue this coming year.”

Teacher, Secondary Digital Leaders School