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Swaffield School write a blog about their exciting day developing a new module for the primary training platform

Published: 29th January 2019

In October 2018, Swaffield Digital Leaders had a whole day of fun and exciting activities, such as: drawing, filming and getting to know one another. When we did this we were in a circle and would say our favourite dance moves, animals and food. When we filmed and drew, everyone was laughing and having a great time. The Childnet team’s and Mr Butcher’s and Mr Wilson’s dance moves were the best. This is why that day was amazing! 🙂

During the day we met 3 lovely ladies called: Amy, Danielle and Becca. These people were really nice and when filming, if we were nervous, they would build our confidence up to be stronger in front of the camera. They didn’t make us feel nervous or uncomfortable one bit! These women were the workers from Childnet too! 🙂

I liked when we were filming separately and we had a microphone attached to our shirts and felt like we were celebrities!!! Another part I loved of the day was when we were drawing scenes from the script about Priya and Battle X. I never actually knew some people are really creative in this school. WOW 🙂

Here are some quotes from the Digital Leaders and their teacher:

“This day was so fantastic! We got to experience what it would be like in front of a camera.”- Bella, Year 6

“I really enjoyed illustrating parts about the story.”- Abdulrahman, Year 4

“I had the best day ever!” – Jemma, Year 6

“I really enjoyed being filmed giving my top tip about screen time.”- Essmma, Year 6

“This was definitely one of the best days; I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my entire life.” – Layla, Year 5

“I really enjoyed finally meeting the Childnet team, thank you to Mr Butcher for all his hard work.”- Kamaria, Year 4

“What a great opportunity for our Digital Leaders to take part in the new module and it was great to meet the Childnet Team!” – Mr Butcher

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