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Referral discount terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to our referral discounts.

Our referral discounts are intended to reward Group Leaders who tell others about the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme and encourage them to sign up.

Organisations can get £25 off the price of their next renewal for each successful referral, up to a maximum discount of £75 (i.e. three successful referrals). Group Leaders can continue to refer others to the programme but will not be able to benefit from any further discount until after their next renewal.

Our referral discount is available to schools and organisations with a paid subscription to the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. Schools and organisations being referred to the programme do not benefit from the referral discount on the occasion of their referral, but can benefit when renewing if they refer another school or organisation.

Our referral discount can be combined with our renewal discount (which gives £50 off when renewing within 3 months of the end of your current subscription) but can not be combined with group/MAT, small school, or other, more project-based, discounts.

Each successful referral also results in an entry to a prize draw to win a £50 giftcard for your school or organisation to be drawn when a threshold of successful referrals have been received.

To refer another school or organisation, please pass your unique code (at the bottom of the Digital Leaders newsletter) on to your contact and ask them to quote it when they enrol. If you have unsubscribed from our newsletter, don’t know your code, or have any other questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Last reviewed: April 2024.