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King’s Ely Digital Leaders host a ‘Digital Picnic’

Published: 7th June 2018

The Digital Leaders Team visited King’s Ely School to meet their Digital Leaders and attend their second ‘Digital Picnic’ for students and their parents and carers.

On the 22nd May King’s Ely Digital Leaders hosted their second ‘Digital Picnic’, a fair where Digital Leaders could show their technological expertise, giving advice to parents and helping to start a conversation about online safety in their school and home communities.

The idea of a ‘Digital Picnic’ was created by King’s Ely’s IT teacher and Group Leader, Daniel Everest. The ‘Digital Picnic’ is a fair for Digital Leaders to share their expertise on online sites and apps with families in the school.

What happened at the Digital Picnic?

After an introduction into online safety at the school and the different topics covered in each year group, parents were encouraged to visit the stalls around the room.

Digital Leaders each had a stall covering a particular app or website, each with information leaflets created by the Digital Leaders. The Leaders were at hand to answer any queries or questions from parents, carers or students about anything they had learnt whilst at the picnic.

Families then returned to the central seating area, with snacks in hand, and were able to discuss what they had learnt with their children as well as any online safety concerns they had.

The event was a huge success and a great chance for the Digital Leaders to prove just how knowledgeable they are!  The Digital Picnic was a fantastic way for families to start a discussion about online safety and the parents who attended were evidently very impressed with the professionalism and wisdom of the Digital Leaders and the importance Kings Ely has placed on online safety.

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