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How the Digital Leaders Programme empowers students and schools

Published: 18th April 2024

Looking for a way to enhance online safety education in your school? Look no further than the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to what fellow educators have to say.

One Digital Leader teacher shared, “The Digital Leaders have become far more confident and in turn have been able to share their online safety knowledge with others, encouraging them to be safe online. We have managed to build stronger relationships and therefore have open conversations between staff and students about online safety. Students have shown more confidence and competence in discussing these topics with other (particularly younger) children, as well as across other areas.”

The programme has received great feedback from teachers on its effectiveness. A significant 100% of teachers said that Digital Leaders are more confident since joining the programme. And 75% of teachers said that there had been a reduction of online safeguarding incidents because of using the programme. It’s clear the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme has a profound and positive impact on both student confidence and online safety.

One of the standout benefits of the programme is its unique peer education approach. 100% of teachers said peer education is more effective when teaching about online safety. This approach encourages open dialogue among students, fostering an environment of safety and respect.

The Digital Leaders Programme not only enhances students’ online safety skills but also positively impacts the overall culture of the school to foster a more respectful and kinder environment. 100% of teachers have said that the ethos of the school has improved to promote kindness and respect both online and offline.

Another Digital Leader teacher from 2022 couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm, “The children are a lot more ready and able to give advice and engage with the sessions based on their learning. The scheme is so engaging that the children are always excited for their learning and the positive impact is like no other! Their confidence has grown, it has really opened up a lot of questions on how we can implement this further into the school.”

Building on the success and positive feedback from teachers, the Digital Leaders Programme offers more than just online safety education. This programme equips young people to become positive leaders in their settings. So why not join the growing number of educators who are choosing the Digital Leaders Programme? Together, let’s empower our students to know how to navigate online safely.

To experience some of these amazing results, sign up now for a free trial. We look forward to supporting you through your online safety journey.