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Digital Leaders lead school assembly about safety

Published: 8th December 2017

The Digital Leaders from Stanburn Primary School tell us about the exciting things they have done since training as Childnet Digital Leaders.

As our first event as qualified Digital Leaders we chose to do an assembly about safety on different websites, specifically YouTube. We split it into different sections based on the dangers and consequences of breaking rules online.

We used the four rules set up by Google Internet Legends which were THINK, PROTECT, CHECK, RESPECT. In our assembly we had help from other students from year six who had YouTube accounts. We acted out different scenarios of what could happen when certain rules are broken.

Each scenario we acted out showed the importance of following rules online and staying safe. For the rule “think”, we acted out a boy playing a game when he was too young and showing his younger sister, getting her into trouble. For the rule “protect”, two girls (under 13 years old) did a makeup tutorial and uploaded it to YouTube – people sent them nasty messages and they didn’t know what to do. For the rule “check”, a boy posted a video of himself playing football however he forgot to take off his school jumper and his house number was in the background. Finally, for the rule “respect”, two girls played a prank on their father and used copyright images and logos that they weren’t permitted to use. After each scenario we showed a better way things could have happened.


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