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Digital Leaders achievements and updates

Published: 28th February 2019

Welcome to the February edition of our monthly achievements and updates blog. Here we congratulate schools who have completed their training, share updates from the Childnet team and good news stories from Digital Leaders schools.

Digital Leaders School visits

The Digital Leaders team were lucky enough to visit two Digital Leaders schools this month.

Danielle visited Kings Ely Junior School to discuss and prepare with them for our next Regional event which is taking place at their school on Wednesday 20th March. Thank you to Kings Ely’s Digital Leaders and Mr Everest for their hospitality, Danielle had a wonderful day! Please do get in touch at [email protected] for more information if you are a Digital Leaders school and are interested in attending the regional event.

Siobhan and Charlotte had the pleasure of visiting Digital Leaders at Sawtry Village Academy in Cambridgeshire. They had a brilliant time discussing lots of topics with the Digital Leaders including how they are helping other students with online safety issues and how they have been involved in advising parents about how to support their children online at parents’ evenings. Thank you to the fantastic Digital Leaders who were very enthusiastic and their wonderful teacher, Mrs Boyles, for welcoming us. Watch out for a blog post about the visit coming soon.

Safer Internet Day 2019

Thank you and a huge well done to all of the Digital Leaders teams who were involved in activities for Safer Internet Day 2019 on 5th February. We are so impressed by all of the hard work that was put into celebrating the day all over the UK. It was amazing to see all the different ways that Digital Leaders spread awareness around this year’s theme of consent online.

Please see our blog here about how some Digital Leaders were involved in the Safer Internet Day event in London. A special thank you to Israa and Will who played important parts in the day and did such a great job, impressing the audience with their knowledge and enthusiasm for this year’s theme of “Our internet, our choice: Understanding consent in a digital world.”

Please see our blog here highlighting creative ways that some Digital Leaders teams told us they celebrated Safer Internet 2019 in their schools.

Many congratulations to Digital Leaders at the following schools who shared how they celebrated Safer Internet Day. From assemblies to puppet shows, a huge well done to all of you for being part of Safer Internet Day 2019!

High Close School

Halesbury School

Abbey Primary School

Norwich High Prep School

Ashleigh Primary School and Nursery

Felsted school

Northampton High School

Arthur Bugler Primary School

The Lady Eleanor Holles School

The Flying Bull Academy

Gayhurst School

Reed’s School

Lord Wandsworth College

Badminton School

Llanischen Fach Primary

Cathays High

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

St Cyres School

Mullion Community Primary School

St Paul’s Junior School

Millfield Preparatory School

Portsmouth High School

The Hawthorns School

St Stephen’s Junior School

Kings Hill School

Vinehall School

Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College

St Mary’s Grammar School

St Mary’s CE Primary

South Hampstead High School

Notre Dame Senior School

Philips High School

King’s High School

St Stephen’s Junior School

St Mary of the Angels

St John Bosco RC Primary School

Selston High School

King’s Ely Junior School

Reigate St Mary’s Preparatory and Choir School

Kaizen Primary School

Sarah Bonnell School

Hoxton Garden Primary

Orchard Primary School

Southwold Primary School

Newcastle High School for Girls Junior School

St Stephen’s Junior School

Bredon School

Gresham’s School

Woodford County High School

Acklam Grange School

Sawtry Village Academy

And congratulations to any school that we have missed that celebrated Safer Internet Day 2019!

We love to celebrate Digital Leaders on their hard work, so please share with us what your Digital Leaders team have been up to. Email [email protected] or tweet us @ChildnetDL #ChildnetDL

Excellent stuff, Northwood Park Primary School, De Bohun Primary School and Little Chalfont Primary School Digital Leaders!

We spotted that the work of your Digital Leaders is mentioned on your school websites! We often see great online safety pages on school websites and think they are a fantastic way to point parents in the direction of useful resources. School websites are a great opportunity to get Digital Leaders involved in the whole-school approach to online safety and an efficient way to let parents know what the Digital Leaders are involved in within school. To get some inspiration for your school to showcase your Digital Leaders teams on your websites, please see their sites here:

Northwood Park Primary School

De Bohun Primary School

Little Chalfont Primary School

Well done to the Digital Leader teams from the following schools who have recently completed their online training!

Bromley High School- Seniors

Burton CofE Primary School

Caldershaw Primary School- 3rd cohort!

Dulwich College Beijing

Grainville School

Hart Memorial Primary School

Marks Gate Junior School

Monkhouse Primary School- 2nd cohort!

Northwood Park Primary School

Preston Primary School

Saltersgate Junior School

South Hampstead High School- Senior

St Peter’s School

Stanburn Primary School- 2nd cohort!

The Royal Masonic School for Girls- 2nd cohort!

The Weston Road Academy

If your school would like to share what your Digital Leaders team have been up to then please email [email protected] to be included in the next update!


Activities to try with your Digital Leaders this month

  • Enter the Childnet Film Competition 2019– The 10th annual Childnet Film Competition has launched and we are so excited to hear about Digital Leaders’ entries. The competition is a fantastic opportunity to reach a large audience with your online safety message. Have a read through the information for entering here and make sure to complete the module on the platform after entering to let us know all about your film and earn a badge and points.
  • Complete the evaluation survey- The 2019 Digital Leaders survey is live on both the primary and secondary platforms. We would like to receive your feedback so that we can keep on improving the programme.