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Digital Champions consent form

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are delighted that your child is applying for the Childnet Digital Leaders Digital Champions! We just wanted to write to you to explain what the group is and what will be expected of your child if their application is successful.

Who are the Digital Champions and what do they do?

  • They represent our entire Digital Leader community from across the UK and collaborate with other Digital Leaders outside of their school.
  • They provide advice to the UK Government, tech organisations, and schools on how to keep young people safe online.
  • They contribute to our regional and national events.
  • They have exclusive first-hand access and contribute to the development of the programme.

So far, the Digital Champions have...

  • Played a major role in celebrating Safer Internet Day including participating in the event itself and developing education materials and the theme.
  • Made appearances on national news and radio platforms such as BBC and ITV.
  • Met with Members of Parliament at the Houses of Parliament to discuss the online safety needs and desires of young people.
  • Conducted an interview with a government minister regarding their efforts to enhance online safety for young people.
  • Participated in the Safer Internet Forum in Brussels, collaborating with other young individuals from various European countries.
  • Provided training to European networks focused on keeping young people safe online.
  • Engaged in consultations with major tech and social media organisations.
  • Advocated for online safety within their schools and wider communities.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must be 13 or over to apply for the role of Digital Champions.

What sort of commitment is involved?

This opportunity requires a 1-year commitment from December 2023 - November 2024. Throughout this year, we will need one video call per month as well as some additional participation work. We estimate that this additional work will not exceed 6 hours a month. Digital Champions may be asked to participate in other opportunities, such as media opportunities and large-scale events. These opportunities may require a longer time commitment and involve travel and overnight stays. Expenses incurred by Digital Champions, such as travel and accommodation, will be reimbursed by Childnet.

What will my child get out of being a Digital Champion?

It’s our hope that the Champions get a lot out of this opportunity and use it as a meaningful learning experience to further their knowledge of online safety and be role models to all Digital Leaders. We will give them support to make the most of their time as a Digital Champion. And have fun too!


In order to lighten the load for teachers and enable more effective and efficient communication between Childnet and the Digital Champions, we use an online platform called Google Classroom.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free online platform, accessed by a web browser. It is very trusted by schools and is used in classrooms all over the world. It enables teachers to assign work, set quizzes and communicate directly with their class. Discussion can also be held on the platform but students cannot directly message each other.

How will Childnet use Google Classroom to contact my child?

The Childnet Digital Leaders team will use Google Classroom to set work, request feedback and communicate other participation opportunities to the Digital Champions. We will primarily use the ‘Stream’ section (much like a Facebook wall) to do this. The Childnet Google Classroom account is set up using the [email protected] email address – this is an inbox administered by the whole of the Digital Leaders team and so will not include any personal information that encourages 1:1 communication, such as personal email addresses. Google Classroom notifications are also sent to this inbox. Any communication that is received from any young people directly to one member of staff that requires a response will be responded to with the [email protected] email and teacher or parent copied in, along with the request to use Google Classroom where possible. If we do need to contact a Champion over email, this will be sent as above; using the [email protected] email address, copying in a teacher or parent.

We request your consent for your child to use this platform as a way for us to directly communicate with them. Please read the Google Terms of Service and if you are happy with them, please sign on the next page. Please also see our own Privacy Policy which states how we share Digital Leaders information with external organisations. Once completed, we will hold this consent form on our records for the duration of the young person’s remit as a Digital Champion. Please sign the Parent/Carer consent and Media consent forms on the next page to give Childnet consent for your child’s participation in the group.

Our commitment to you

We take privacy and safety very seriously, and if you would like more information on the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme please visit our parents/carers FAQ page. If you would like to discuss anything further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Childnet Digital Leaders team on 020 7639 6967 or [email protected].


Yours sincerely,

The Childnet Digital Leaders team