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Common questions and queries about the Digital Leaders Programme

Published: 18th April 2024

Key Questions About the Digital Leaders Programme

The Digital Leaders Programme by Childnet is an innovative initiative aimed at empowering students to champion online safety in their schools and communities. By participating in this programme, students develop key leadership skills, become role models for responsible online behaviour, and contribute to a safer school environment. This guide answers some common questions about the programme and outlines its benefits and structure.


Why Consider the Digital Leaders Programme

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme provides a wealth of benefits:

  • Develops essential skills: Students hone leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills and confidence.
  • Fosters digital citizenship: Students become positive role models for responsible online behaviour.
  • Promotes a safer school environment: The programme cultivates a culture of online safety within the school community.
  • What specific topics does the Digital Leaders Programme cover?

The programme tackles a broad spectrum of online safety concerns, including:

  • Online bullying
  • Misinformation
  • Online reputation management
  • Safeguarding personal information
  • Healthy online relationships
  • How is the programme structured for different age groups?

The training is tailored for both primary and secondary students:

  • Primary Platform: Designed for Upper Key Stage 2 students, aligning with SMART rules.
  • Secondary Platform: Designed for Key Stage 3 students, addressing complex topics like motivations of online content, how to share and post positively and supporting younger peers.

While designed for these age groups, the content remains adaptable for other ages.

  • What kinds of activities do Digital Leaders lead?

Student leaders drive the impact of the learning that they’ve received on a whole-school level, organising activities such as:

  • Assemblies and presentations
  • Peer mentoring and support
  • Online safety campaigns
  • Workshops for parents and teachers
  • What is the time commitment involved?
    • Students: Roughly 30 minutes a week for activities
    • Training Completion: 2-3 months for students to finish the online training.
    • Schools: A designated staff member oversees the programme, meeting with students regularly.
  • Is the programme suitable for settings outside traditional schools? Absolutely! The programme is adaptable and successful in diverse settings like libraries or community organisations. Childnet is open to discussing how to tailor the programme to different contexts.
  • How much does it cost to join the programme? The cost is £600 (+VAT) for one year or £900 (+VAT) for two years.

Get Involved

If you want to empower students and champion online safety, the Digital Leaders Programme is a fantastic choice. Discover more by enrolling on a free trial today.