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Announcing the winners of the Background Design Competition…

Published: 4th April 2024

Over the month of March, we gave Digital Leaders the opportunity to design a background that would be available to all Digital Leaders on the platform to use! Our platform has different themes or backgrounds that are unlocked as Digital LeadersĀ  work their way through the modules.

A huge well done to all the Digital Leaders who submitted entries to the background design competition. There is so much creativity and talent in this group of Digital Leaders and we found it really difficult to pick a winner.

We picked not one but two winners whose designs are now featured on both the primary and secondary platforms. They can be unlocked for all Digital Leaders to use as they progress through the modules. We also selected a couple of Highly Commended backgrounds which we wanted to share with you all, as whilst they didn’t quite win, we still think they’re great.

And the winners are…

Sam from Mayflower High School who submitted this delightful natural scene below. Looking at this image we felt transported into a mysterious cave which looks out onto this beautiful river scene. Well done, Sam! We’re sure lots of Digital Leaders will enjoy using your stunning design on the platform.

The other winning entrant below is from a group of three Digital Leaders fromĀ Northhampton Academy: Dylan, Jeremy and Alexia. Well done team! This image had a lovely overall theme with nice details – check out the flowers on the house. Get your cowboy boots and hats ready for this theme as we’re transported to the Wild Wild West, yee-haw!

Highly Commended

The background to the left was submitted by the Digital Leader team at Gateway Academy. We like that it’s hand-drawn and has a strong online safety message mixed into the space theme. Beautiful work!

Florence G from Eagle House School designed this image. We thought this submission was really funky and that it had a nice palette of colours which blended together well. So creative!