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The Digital Leaders at Christ Church Primary School Champion Online Safety

Published: 23rd February 2023

The Digital Leaders at Christ Church Primary School in Skipton were absolute superstars on Safer Internet Day. Using the resources from the UK Safer Internet Centre, they planned and delivered a number of enjoyable and educational workshops to other young people at the school and parents too.

On Safer Internet Day itself, they led assemblies for key stage one and key stage two on this year’s theme of ’Want to talk about it?: Making space for conversations about life online’ before leading the workshops for key stage two students. They ran activities such as the Snowball Fight, The Alphanet and Where on the Line?. The Digital Leaders made sure that everyone was involved and having fun as they learned about staying safe online.

The following day, they hosted an e-safety event for parents where the Digital Leaders, once again, led workshops and ran an information station where parents could find out about various resources which can help keep children and young people safe when they’re using the internet.

As a school, we are really proud of what the Digital Leaders achieved this Safer Internet Day. They showed an excellent understanding of internet safety and were able to share this with their peers in a fun and engaging way. They repeated this with the parents the following day and we heard several comments praising their knowledge and ability to communicate it clearly – not an easy feat considering the complexity of the subject.

It’s safe to say that Safer Internet Day 2023 was our best yet and the Digital Leaders are looking forward to continuing their work keeping our school community safe online.