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Online Safety Promoted by Young People

Empower young people to use the internet with confidence through our Digital Leaders Programme. Enrol your organisation today.

The programme enables young individuals to become ambassadors of online safety and educate their peers. Through gamified and interactive learning, they gain knowledge and skills to lead safety activities and initiatives in their school or youth group. This opportunity develops young leaders, boosts confidence, and positively impacts communities.

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Online Safety

Educates young people about internet safety and responsible use. Social media, online privacy, and gaming are among the topics covered in this programme.

Educational and Entertaining

As young people progress, they can track their progress and points on our school leaderboard and access further learning content.


Trains young people to become leaders in promoting safe and responsible internet use to their peers. They gain skills for their future careers while promoting digital literacy and safety in their communities.


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Our Digital Leaders Programme has positively impacted many young people. Listed below is a sample of feedback we have gotten from teachers and students.

“The programme has given me the confidence that I can make a difference.”

Amy, Secondary Digital Leader

“The children are a lot more ready and able to give advice and actually engage with the sessions based on their learning. The scheme is so engaging that the children are always excited for their learning and the positive impact is like no other! Their confidence has grown, it has really opened up a lot of questions on how we can implement this further into the school.”

Digital Leader teacher, 2022