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Secondary Digital Leaders train a future generation of students

Published: 29th June 2018

Digital Leaders from Malvern College achieved their ‘Educating Young People’ badge by running training at a local primary school.

We spoke to the Childnet Digital Leaders at Malvern College to see how they are sharing online safety messages in their wider school community, engaging younger audiences and being great examples of what it means to be a Digital Leader.

Recently the qualified Digital Leaders from Malvern College visited a local primary school to share their online safety knowledge with the younger students.  Prior to their visit the Digital Leaders sent a short questionnaire to the primary students, to find out what they like to do online, what sites they were using and any issues they may be facing online.

The Digital Leaders used the results from the questionnaire to create a training presentation tailored specifically to the student’s needs.  The Digital Leaders did this as they wanted to know more about what young people were using technology for and what types of apps they were using.

The students from Malvern College discovered that the majority of the young people that they spoke to in the session used social media and that a lot of them were also avid watchers of YouTube. As a result of these findings they tailored their presentation to cover the ways to keep safe when using YouTube.

The leaders thoroughly enjoyed presenting to the primary school students even though they felt very nervous before getting on stage!

The students were very well received and they found the interactive elements were the most enjoyable part.  They have said if they were to do it again they would make it even more interactive!

Well done Malvern College Digital Leaders for overcoming your nerves and helping spread awareness of internet safety in your community!


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