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Northampton Academy educate a local school about group chats

Published: 4th June 2024

Senia and Badriyah from Northampton Academy wrote this great blog post about a recent assembly they delivered to a local primary school about safety around group chats:

We planned and delivered an assembly to students at Earls Barton Primary in years 5 and 6. When planning the assembly, our main focus was WhatsApp group chats and how to stay safe when using the app.

When preparing the assembly, tried to include different elements to make it entertaining, engaging and fun so students would focus on the message we were trying to get across. We presented the information in comic strip form on PowerPoint whilst also acting out parts of the story we created.

We wanted to get the primary students involved so got them to play a game of Chinese Whispers to enhance the idea that when rumours spread, the initial message can change many times and what you end up with may be false information.

Overall, the primary school students took away the benefits of using applications but also what dangers to look out for and how to stay safe.

Excellent work, Northampton Academy Digital Leaders!