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New schools subscribing during school closures

New schools to the programme are encouraged to subscribe as usual.

We will delay the start date of both primary and secondary programme subscriptions to reflect the period that schools are closed. We are still able to process your enrolment as usual during this time and you will receive the relevant programme documents to prepare for when your pupils return. However, school closures may hinder the recruitment of new Digital Leaders to your team and schools may need to find new and creative ways to do this. Students still attending school can access to the programme.

If you are thinking of subscribing to the Secondary Digital Leaders Programme, it’s worth mentioning that pupils can access the training platform remotely and independently of their teacher. The programme provides a useful learning tool for use at home during this time and Digital Leaders are encouraged to use the additional features on the platform to connect with other Digital Leaders, especially as people find themselves isolated and spending more time online. Educating family members is also a great way to demonstrate the peer-to-peer training aspect of the programme.

Primary Digital Leaders cannot currently access the platform independently. We are providing primary schools with fun online safety activities sent to primary school teachers to share with their Digital Leaders. These activities will be emailed to primary school teachers every week.

Please do contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions around subscribing to the programme during school closures.