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Has something upset or worried you online? There are lots of people who can help!

Try to talk to an adult you trust if anything has upset you or made you feel uncomfortable whilst online. If you don’t want to speak to someone you know then you can always seek advice and support from a helpline. See the list of helplines for young people below.

Helplines for young people:

There are some great helplines which offer support and advice specifically for young people on a range of issues. Some helplines like Childline and The Mix offer general support on any issue which may be worrying or upsetting a young people whilst others offer advice and support on specific issues like domestic violence and suicide.

Is something breaking the law? Report it!

Over 13 and worried about something that's happened online but not sure how to report it? Go to Report Harmful Content. If you have already reported something but you're not happy with the outcome, Report Harmful Content can also take this further for you. Worried about an adult making you feel uncomfortable online? Tell an adult you trust, and report to the police. Under 18 and worried about a nude image of yourself that's been shared online? Report it to Childline and get it removed from the internet. Worried about images of child sexual abuse online? Report it to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).  Unsure if it is criminal content? Visit the IWF website to find out what can be reported. Worried about a crime you know about or have seen? Report anonymously to Fearless. The Fearless website has a guide to find out more about all the different types of crime and where to access further help and support.

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