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Little Chalfont Primary School guest blog about becoming Digital Leaders

Published: 29th March 2019

Back in April 2018, we had the opportunity to apply for a new and exciting student role within our school. We became Digital Leaders: online superheroes! Having recruited 15 excited new Leaders from Year 2 to Year 6, we began our mission to improve online safety and computing in school.

Our first challenge, set by our school, was to raise money (using a crowd funding website called Rocket Fund) for new music technology called ROLI. We also upgraded our school website to give us our own section full of helpful tips and advice on online safety, for all pupils and parents. Take a look at it here:

Meanwhile, we made a start on the training modules on the platform and became very competitive on the international Leaderboard (reaching 15th place by the end of December). We completed modules including: Reliable, Cyberbulling, S is for Safe and M is for Meet, Being a good friend online, Accepting and the Safer Internet Day 2019 module. As part of Safer Internet Day 2019 we performed an assembly in front of the whole school and every class made a blog about something online. These are a few of the blog topics:

• Checking terms and conditions including age restrictions when downloading apps and creating accounts
• Limiting social posts to friends and family
• Using only trustworthy websites to avoid scams
• Telling an adult if we see something online that makes us worried or sad

Recently we have been interviewed by Charlotte and Marie from the Childnet Digital Leaders team who visited our school, as well as Rocket Fund and FundEd magazine to share the work we have been doing. We love being Digital Leaders because we get to spread the word about internet safety and we enjoy using our new Chromebooks and ROLI that we played a part in our school getting.

Our key message is: KEEP SAFE!

If you would like to develop a blog please do get in touch with us at: [email protected].