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We believe young people learn better from other young people. While teachers, carers and parents adapt to an alternative learn-from-home scenario, we’ve devised a simple solution to support schools that teachers are going to love… 

Create your own student-led Digital Leadership team!

Encourage your students to become responsible safety advocates, and develop your very own Digital Leadership skills, with our free primary and secondary school pack and lesson resources.

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Start your structured approach to creating Digital Leaders for your school, with three online safety activities that you can use to kickstart your peer-led learning and take your students’ knowledge of staying safe online to a new level!

Ready to launch your students as Digital Leaders?

How It Works...

With a virtual team of Digital Leaders managed by teachers, both schools and parents can feel more confident that their children will gain valuable insights to enhance their awareness about online safety – bringing a sense of community to remote learning.

Here’s how to start your Digital Leadership project:

Step 1

Send the online safety activities via email, Google Docs or school engagement app to a small number of young people you have chosen to become your Digital Leader team

Step 2

Encourage the young learners you’ve chosen as your special safety mentors to complete the activities and return them so you can mark them via email

Step 3

Choose your successful Digital Leaders based on their level of understanding and task them to virtually teach the rest of their class

Step 4

Advise your Digital Leaders how to communicate what they’ve learnt by following the UK Safer Internet Centre protocols using free tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet or Microsoft Teams

Download your FREE Digital Leaders Pack now!

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