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Digital Leaders in Action: Year 5 present online safety assembly – Bromley High School

Published: 16th May 2023

We are delighted to present a guest blog from Bromley High School Junior. Here they detail the work they have done in educating their peers about online safety.

Online Safety Assembly by Izzy and Zinnia Year 5

As Digital Leaders we wanted to create an assembly for the school about online safety. Even though online safety is something that most people are aware of, it is always good to have a reminder because it is very easy to forget and even little things can trick you.

We held this assembly to raise awareness about online safety in order to remind people how important it is. To create this assembly we had to work as a team and this collaboration has also produced a strong bond between the Digital Leaders who participated.

We all had the courage to stand up and present the ideas to our school without any adults being involved. Every break and lunchtime we could all meet, we would come together and keep practicing. Through this process, we learnt how to speak confidently. Usually for school assemblies there would be two Year 6’s helping out with the slideshows on the computer. In this case, it was the Year 5 Digital Leaders who took charge.

Our teachers are really proud of us, and we can say the same thing about ourselves. We are definitely going to create another presentation one day and raise even more awareness in our school. We want to teach every single person how to be safe online.

It has been an amazing journey from day one of becoming a Digital Leader and now we have grown confident enough to present an assembly to raise awareness of online safety.

Well done and thank you Bromley High School Junior for sharing your work with us! We love hearing from our Digital Leader community all over the world. Email [email protected] if you would like to tell us about what you have been up to.