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Test out the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme for free!

Published: 3rd September 2019

The Digital Leaders team have developed a guest login feature to give interested schools and organisations an opportunity to experience a taster of the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme.

What is on the guest login?

The guest login contains a sample module, a look at the digital leader dashboard and gives you first-hand experience of what a digital leader will see when logging in to the platform.

Those who apply for a guest login will have access to a 14-day sneak peek of our exciting gamified platform. Once you have tried this out we would love to have you as part of the programme so that you can start recruiting your first cohort of Digital Leaders!

Although the guest login is designed to give you a taste of life as part of the programme, the full platform has so much more to offer.

How do I get a guest login?

To apply for a guest login, simply go to and register your interest! Once you have provided your full name, school and email address we can provide you with a login.

When you have filled in the form, please send an email with the subject “Guest Login” to [email protected] to allow us to grant you temporary access. Be sure to include your full name, school or organisation’s name and your work email address.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the programme, please get in touch.