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Childnet Digital Leaders share their achievements

Published: 10th August 2017

St Joan of Arc RC Primary School enrolled on to the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme in September 2016. We hear from two of their Digital Leaders, Ciara and Christian, who share their achievements and how they engaged others in their school. 

This year was the first year St Joan of Arc introduced Digital Leaders.

The Digital Leaders helped make the school aware of how dangerous the internet can be sometimes. Every few weeks they would meet up and do a training course via the Childnet resources. We enjoyed the training because it was interactive and helped us understand the internet. We also liked the fact that there was a leader-board so you could be competitive.

The Digital Leaders organised a photo competition for the Junior pupils to raise awareness of what you should be posting on the internet. For the Infant children it was a slightly easy competition because you had to make your own emoji that you can use for profile picture if you’re using social media and you don’t want to show your face because that is showing your personal information. We judged them and then in the whole school assembly we presented the prizes.

A few of our other achievements were organising a survey for the school and then the year sixes presented an assembly about what was found. We also got involved in the Safer Internet Day celebrations at the BT centre.

We have had a lot of fun being Digital Leaders and we have learnt lots.

We’d love to hear from you if you are a Digital Leader and would like to share your experiences! Please get in touch with us at [email protected]

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme is delivered as part of its work in the UK Safer Internet Centre.


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