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Childnet Digital Leaders give top tips for staying safe online

Published: 18th July 2017

The Childnet Digital Leaders from Goffs School and St. Joan of Arc Primary school give their tops tips for young people to help them stay safe online this summer!

Goffs School:

This term the Digital Leaders from Goffs School; Rhys, Jessica, Katherine, Mia, Dani and Katie, have been completing the Digital Leader modules and carrying out e-safety assemblies for Year 7 and Year 8.

Their top tips for staying safe online over the summer are:

  1. Only accept friend requests from people you know
  2. Use strong passwords for your emails and social networking sites
  3. Don’t share personal details
  4. Don’t talk to strangers online
  5. Only share appropriate photos online which you would happy to share with your parents/carers/grandparents
  6. If you are worried about something online tell an adult
  7. Stop, block, report any cyberbullying
  8. Remember that anything you post online will be part of your digital footprint forever – keep it positive
  9. Make sure locations services is turned off when social networking.

St. Joan of Arc

The Primary school Digital Leader’s Top Tips for the summer holidays are:

  1. Make sure you know who you’re interacting with whilst on social media
  2. Some of you might be going away and posting lots of pictures of your holiday. Do not post photos that give you clues to your identity or location as it can be very dangerous for your safety.
  3. Don’t have too much screen time – there are lots of other activities waiting for you!
  4. It isn’t nice to post photos of other people on social media without their permission – especially when they are hurtful!
  5. Things you see online aren’t always what they appear to be. People can use filters, special backgrounds and cropping apps. Remember:  seeing is not always believing!


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