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Barnfield Primary School Digital Leaders have big plans to share their online safety knowledge!

Published: 26th February 2020

Siobhán and Fabian from the Childnet Digital Leaders team recently visited the Barnfield Primary Digital Leaders. They were very impressed with what the team have already achieved in school as well as their plans for the next few months!

The team have completed the core training modules and have also run assemblies in school for Anti-Bullying Week and Safer Internet Day. The assemblies were such a success that after watching them other pupils wanted to become Digital Leaders too! We want to say well done to the Barnfield Digital Leaders for making such a big impact in their school already. No doubt that the team will make an even bigger impact in the next few months as they have impressive plans to share their online safety knowledge and support pupils in their school to keep safe online.

The team’s plans include writing for the school newsletter and running a school poster-making competition. We think these are fantastic ways to get their online safety messages out to the whole school and to encourage pupils to think creatively!


Whilst visiting them the Barnfield Primary Digital Leaders also shared their top online safety tips with us. These included:

  1. Don’t share your personal information

  2. If you receive nasty messages, you don’t need to reply

  3. Always tell an adult when in doubt

  4. Be careful who you talk to online

  5. Be kind online


We had a great time visiting the Barnfield Primary Digital Leaders and talking to them about their role as Digital Leaders in school. Thank you to Ms Vessey and the fantastic Digital Leaders for welcoming us to your school. Good luck and keep us updated with what you achieve!

If your Digital Leaders would like a school visit from the Childnet Digital Leaders team, then please get in touch at [email protected].


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