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Childnet Digital Leaders get set for Safer Internet Day 2019!

Published: 31st January 2019

With Safer Internet Day coming up on 5th February, the Digital Leader’s preparations are in full swing!

It’s that time of year again and Childnet Digital Leaders from all over the UK are currently preparing activities to run in their schools to raise awareness of Safer Internet Day and educate their peers about how to build a better internet. The theme this year is ‘Safer Internet Day: Together for a better internet’. Children and young people, schools, parents and carers, and organisations all across the UK are invited to make a pledge to do something great and positive online this Safer Internet Day using the hashtag #OurInternetOurChoice.

Delivered by Childnet, as part of its work as one of three charities in the UK Safer Internet Centre, the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme trains young people to be online safety peer educators. Below you will see a few examples of what our wonderful Digital Leader teams are doing in order to raise awareness this year.

Cathays High

The Digital Leaders at Cathays High in Cardiff have been working hard last term completing their online training modules. They have trained in topics such as ‘Fake News’ and ‘Creating a Kinder Internet’, and have all earned their Digital Leader badge and certificate. A great achievement! The team have been very busy in the lead up to Safer Internet Day and the Digital Leaders have planned a whole school assembly to run throughout the week. They have also designed flyers to hand out to their peers, educating them on how to stay safe not only on Safer Internet Day, but every time they go online.

St John Bosco RC Primary

The Childnet team had the pleasure of visiting the Digital Leaders at St John Bosco RC Primary in Manchester on the 19th October last year. Prior to the visit, the Digital Leaders had prepared their own internet safety posters based around the SMART rules. We were super impressed by all their hard work and it is no wonder that the team are now incredibly busy getting themselves ready for Safer Internet Day. The Digital Leaders are conducting a questionnaire for pupils to complete and each class is going to make a permission pledge. Not only this, but the Digital Leaders are even going to be presenting to the parents about internet safety! We are sure this will be highly valuable for all involved. Well done yet again to the dedicated team at St John Bosco RC Primary!

Selston High School

One of our brilliant Digital Champions, Jess, attends Selston High and is helping lead activities this Safer Internet Day. They are planning to have some great and engaging assemblies for each year group in the school, and their Digital Leaders are helping staff to deliver a lesson on consent to students in Years 8&9. They are also pledging, as a whole school, to take positive action to make the internet a kinder place – fantastic stuff!

King’s Ely Junior School

King’s Ely Junior School are running a whole school assembly which will encourage safer digital use. Their Year 5-7 Digital Leaders are also running individual class assemblies on safer use of the internet and have been busy creating a video for a special assembly!

Reigate St Mary’s Preparatory and Choir School

The Digital Leaders at Reigate St Mary’s Preparatory and Choir School have been busy putting up posters in order to raise awareness of and promote Safer Internet Day. Great work Digital Leaders!

Harnessing the power of youth

Young people across the UK are delivering activities in support of Safer Internet Day and we’ve been very inspired to hear about all the creative ways our Digital Leaders are raising awareness of Safer Internet Day 2019.

Get involved with Safer Internet Day using our free resources at

If your school is a part of the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme and you are planning activities for Safer Internet Day be sure to tell us what they are doing using the ‘Run Activities for Safer Internet Day 2019’ module. We’ll put the most creative ones in our newsletter!

If you’re interested in enrolling your school on to the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme you can find more information here on the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme website.

This blog was originally posted on the UK Safer Internet Centre website.